Hi beautiful people

My name is Siranush. I am from Armenia. A lot of my friends mostly foreign ones call me Sira. This name was given to me by my travelers several years ago when they couldn’t pronounce my full name.

I got education of linguist and lawyer. But life brought me to the point that my work and life are closely connected with travel and travelers during last 10 years.

I am a tour guide, tour leader, travel director, last 2 years also travel blogger and just an Armenian girl who is in love with this world and having huge desire to share that LOVE with you.

I’m working with many different nationalities from all over the world.

I had an exquisite delight to work with`

Jehan Sadat- Former First Lady of Egypt, wife of former president of Egypt Anvar-el-Sadat

Lech Wałęsa-Former President of Poland, Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

Zahi Hawas-The most famous Egyptologist in the world, and former Minister of State for Antiquities Affairs.

Maciej Popowski-Deputy Director-General European Union

Nicholas Gourtsoyiannis-Scientific/Educational Director of the European School of Radiology and currently as Secretary General of the International Society of Radiology.

Richard Bangs– Co-founder of Expedia, American author and television personality focusing on international travel.

Laura Hubber-Harvard-trained media expert, and long-time producer and reporter for the BBC World service.

WCIT (World Congress on Information Technology)- Deligation guide

Luxury Private Jet Abercrombie&Kent (A&K)- Tour guide

And many more nice poeple, companies and groups.  My work is not just a job, it’s a labour of love to me.

Why Sira Verse?

I choose the name easily.

It’s the combination of two words `Sira+Universe

UNIVerse—> SIRAVerse.

I’m gonna share my small world with you.

Why this logo?

This was drawn by me and one of my designer friends gave life to it.  As you notice it’s a weak Wi Fi carring  luggage. Why? as all my unforgettable travel moments I experience without Wi Fi around)


What is blog about?

  • My blog is more people oriented. You will find here people from all around the world having story to share with all of us. We are all walking books. So I want you to read some of them. I strongly believe that in our Planet Earth we can be better humans and kinder with the help of others. So I want to find out beautiful souls and share their stories with you.
  • I will share with you my travel hacks and tips that I learnt on the roads, either from my friends or just did research.
  • You will find words that will inspire us immensely.
  • And also I want to share more details about my country` Armenia. I don’t bear the responsibility if you fell in love with it 🙂


What you need to get visa to my blog?

  • SMILE: The entrance is only with smile.
  • LOVE FOR PEOPLE: You should be world citizen
  • BE KIND: We all want to help each other to have better travel experiences. So I’m waiting for your recommendations and travel tips as well. We all are)


Thank you so much for reading! You DO inspire me!

From Sira with love!