A little bit of Jordan

If you consider yourself to be a real traveler so add Jordan to your bucket list.

This country is so beautiful, breathtaking that even after several months you still recall the red colour of sand there. Petra, oh Petra! It does shake your inner world and makes you to believe in miracles.

So here I stop my romantic mood and let’s move to more practical points.n

When to go?

I have been there for 5 times and each time it has different beauty.

You may find glorious temperature during the summer time (June-August) and even cool breeze out there.

In some places it may be a bit humid like in Jordan Valley and Gulf of Aqaba. Wadi Rum desert is hot with no humidity there.

For me the end of October and the whole March are the best periods to Visit there.

Weather was perfect either for walking in the city or for wandering around Petra for hours or just to have some lazy time near the Dead Sea.

It can be unexpectedly cold in winter even sometimes till mid of March, even though that’s my favorite season to go. You may want to carry some layers with you not to get cold.

Highly recommended to check the weather before you go as because of rains you may miss Petra as drainage system doesn’t really work. To go to Jordan and not to see Petra will not be right, no that would be WRONG!!

What to Eat?

Ok!! Food in Jordan is so damn good that the first advice from me is definitely: “Diet before you Go!!”

I should have separate article on this topic so I can cover at least some part of it.

But for now here are some famous types of food there.

  1. Za’atar- Wild Thyme this is translation for this Arabic word but actually they mean blend of multiple herbs.
  2. Mezze– this word derives from Persian word “to taste”. So you get variety of food in one session and you can easily taste a little bit of everything.
  3. Fattoush– this is a salad made of garden veggies and fried pieces of pita bread.
  4. Maqluba– “upside-down” that’s the translation from Arabic for the word Maqluba. One of my favorite dishes in Jordan, indeed.

What to wear?

Depending on the weather always have warm jacket with you otherwise you will have to wander around to find a shop for warm clothes. The wind here may not be very pleasant.

In summer time short sleeves are ok but don’t forget that you are in Muslim country and you have to respect their rules and traditions. It’s always a good idea to have a scarf with you: you may need it in religious building as well as to cover yourself when it’s windy.


Oh this question!!Imagine myself traveling from Egypt to Jordan having no idea about the price differences. We entered the store and I took everyday stuff, like tissue etc. And I can’t describe the expression on my face when I heard cashier telling me the price. Of course I did pay, but that was the most expensive tissue I had have so far))

So be prepared that Jordan is not cheap at all.

One of the best moments in Jordan

I remember a few moments when my eyes and emotions were fighting together, and I was hardly helping myself of shouting: “Oh my Goooosh”, that’s sooo beautiful”.

I will never forget the moment when our guide took us to the point from where billions of pictures of

Petra’s treasury were taken. My eyes started itching from the beauty.

The next unforgettable moment there in Jordan was our overnight in Luxury camp in Wadi Rum desert. We had no connection with the world what made this stay super cool. The best thing were the stars that were almost the only illumination that we had got there.

Jordan is so rich with the moments like this and I can write about it forever))


This was just a glimpse. More to come with details about this piece of wonder on the Earth!

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