Oh, that Egyptians

We travel for many reasons, but one common experience that bonds travellers together is their appreciation of the rich culture of another country.  When we travel, we get a rare glimpse into other peoples’ way of life.

Spending time with locals will help you to grow as a person. As you immerse yourself in other cultures during your travels, you should find yourself becoming more tolerant, understanding, open, and more patient than before.

The cultures are people, their smiles and eyes. Locals teach us a lot even without knowing that.

Today I will talk a little bit about Egyptians.

They are so hospitable and warm nation. They always try to help you and test their English with you.

If you look like a tourist to them so you might be treated as Hollywood Star as mostly the kids will come up to you for selfies.

I look like Egyptian and it always cause me “problems”. Locals don’t believe and when I try to prove that I don’t speak any Arabic they are usually in shock 😀 So after comes the next question. “Where are you from?”…

And for the first time when I was there I was really surprised that they did know Armenia!

But later on I just found out that they thought I’m from Almania (in Arabic Germany). That was so funny to me 😀

I love locals anywhere in the world!

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