Keep money safe when you travel

We are in a new country, new city. Walking around admiring and all of a sudden one cute little girl comes up to you and starts talking. Of course she is sweet, but we don’t even notice how her father or mother picked our pocket while she is distracting you. That’s very common mostly in famous tourist areas.

Being unaware of their surroundings makes tourists to be easy prey for thieves.

So here are some tips that will keep your belongings, mostly money and credit cards safe.

  • It’s very important to make yourself less of a target. Try not to look too much like tourist.

Sometimes having money belts and big backpacks like scream “I am tourist and I have money here”. Try to skip it.

  • Try to keep your money as close to your body as possible. You can have secret pockets inside the shirt or jacket.
  • Very important to use multi-stash method while traveling. Keep your money and credit cards in different place in case you will lose some you will steal have money and card somewhere else.
  • Keep some cash in an easily accessible pocket for small transactions – that way you won’t be flashing all of your cash to the world when you pay for a bottle of water or buy a train ticket

  • Avoid money exchange on the street. Don’t make you to be target.
  • All the valuables as well as travel money always keep n your carry-on bag. In you checked-in ones they may not be very safe mostly in some countries your checked-in luggage can be rummaged through.


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